B is for Boris and Bourach.

The last blog I wrote was out of date 30 minutes after being filed. So apologies in advance if this latest missive is also overtaken by current events moving so quickly that there's barely time to digest one shock to the central nervous system before the next one barges in.  You know things are bad when you read serial tweets on social media evincing undisguised longing for the predictable tedium of a Theresa May premiership.

The late Rab Butler once opined that politics was the art of the possible..fast forward to the court of King Boris and where the art of the impossible  now requires to be mastered.  Just consider the number of sacred cows which have gone to the slaughterhouse in the course of the last few torrid weeks.

It was a matter of accepted course that any government and any Prime Minister would automatically be subject to the law of the land. Until it wasn't.  It was procedurally unheard of for the parliament to wrest control of the agenda from the government of the day. Until it did. Twice. It was never contemplated, for the best part of a century, that a government which was having a little local difficulty getting legislation through the Commons would  just shut up shop. Until it did. 

Nobody could envisage a Prime Minister telling porkies to his or her constitutional monarch in pursuit of that tactic, until a Scottish court (and no less a high Tory than a previous attorney general) made that exact allegation. And nobody might imagine a government minister would go on mainstream TV to doubt the impartiality of the judiciary. But one did.

All manner of cliches have been rescued from oblivion by the extraordinary era in which we live and gasp. "Uncharted waters. Unpredecented times."  All serving to underline that in the bourach that is Borisland all that is certain is more uncertainty. 

His dishevilled principal advisor has been elevated to the role of Machiavelli in the media; notoriety which you suspect he rather enjoys.  I'm more persuaded that the dark arts behind much of this can be ultimately laid at the feet of Steve Bannon, the right wing propagandist and agitator who proved even too extreme for Trump's White House. And a big pal of Mr Farage.

Not to mention the shady money men and social media manipulators who, not content with skewing the electorial process and fomenting division,  are found to be betting heavily on the collapse and catastrophe they themselves have engineered. You don't stoop much lower than lining your already deep pockets by deliberately making the poor poorer as predicted by the UK government's own Yellowhammer verdict on  the chaos following a no deal Brexit.

I understand the motivation of those people who say that Scotland upping sticks and leaving this fractured union to seek independent statehood in Europe is abandoning neighbours trapped in the same leaky boat. But the truth is that no government with the opportunity to row its own people to safety could in all conscience let them drown out of sympathy for those without a similar exit strategy.

What the Scottish government can do, and is doing thus far, is trying to prevent all of the UK getting battered by Brexit while  putting down  a future welcome mat for anyone who would prefer to raise a family far from the madding crowd around Mr Johnson.