IndyRef2 - A Tipping Point

There comes a moment.  A FFS moment. And mine came with the news that Westminster would block any attempt by the Scottish Government to underwrite the cost of the process needed to give our EU born citizens the right to settle in this, the country where they chose to live and work. It is an outrage.  Not more of an outrage than the Home Office sending in squads to deport migrants. Not more of an outrage than having families awaiting deportation housed in a prison building. Not more of an outrage than the refusal to let our goverment determine its own immigration policies in respect of its own priorities. But a bloody outrage in its own right nevertheless.

I have heeded those more constitutionally literate on the need to have Mrs May's permission to hold a second independence referendum.  I have listened with care to our own First Minister callibrating the moment when it would be most propitious to announce she was planning one. I know, and agree, about the importance of a new referendum on Brexit since the fallout from the bourach which the UK government has made of it will certainly not spare Scotland. Most especially not spare those Scots least able to bear new burdens.

But then I think of the months and years of Scotland, her government and her people being not so much disrespected - though certainly that too - but arrogantly ignored.  Since most of the 13 useless Tory MP's have displayed all the backbone of a beached jellyfish in standing up for Scottish interests, since they can mostly be depended upon to nod through whatever nonsense the PM comes up with, we don't even have the muscle of the ten strong DUP.  We are not worth bribing.  We are not worth including in the crucial talks with the EU despite all the empty rhetoric about being a valued partner.  That talk went back into the cupboard as soon as the 2014 rerendum was safely put to bed.  Though I note this week the Labour Party was "pledged" to offer Scotland more powers should they win the next election.  Sorry lads.  Some folks fell for the vow thing last time round. Hopefully nobody will be persuaded by a tired re-tread of old "promises".

Our government's Brexit team - and those of the other devolved adminstrations - have been frozen out of having any real say in the most important and potentially disastrous course of action ever contemplated outside of wars. We did not make this mess, we weren't even allowed to contribute to it.  And I see no reason why we should be forced to help clear it up in addition to being forced to leave a union when almost two thirds of Scots voted to remain.  The former Tory Attorney General, Dominic Grieve, said last week that to suggest people should not have the opportunity to change their mind in the light of new facts and new circumstances was profoundly undemocratic.  Spot on Mr G. You may have meant a people's vote on Brexit, but the selfsame logic applies to a second vote on Scottish Independence.  I'm hoping that you are sufficiently honourable to acknowledge that.

So, to re-cap.  We are being screwed. Our economy is being endangered. Our valued new citizens are being made unnecessarily insecure. Our attempts to mitigate austerity have been admirable, but can only be limited under the current rules. Likewise our social security reforms; welcome but limited by Westminster.

As another famous Tory intoned: Enough is Enough. Enough caps have been doffed. Enough fates have been impotently railed against. Enough humiliation has been heaped on our government.  This is not just a moment of destiny for the UK and Europe, but a very particular time of opportunity for Scotland if we are not to go down with an ever. leakier UK ship. It's time. Time to launch a campaign for our future.  And, thanks to Brexit, we have no shortage of verbal ammunition if the PM - if she's still around - tries to block Indyref2.  Take back control?  Respect our national sovereignty? Yes please. Bring it on!