Lots of huffing and puffing on social media about what an outrage it is for Johnson  to deprive parliament of its constitutional role; to prevent our representatives assembling  and debating the most important decision they will ever take outside of wartime.  His move today - after serial announcements that there would be no progrogation in September -makes it clear that very dirty work is afoot.  And there are some extremely soiled hands labouring in the Number Ten bunker right now.

As the opposition leaders and some of their more cerebral and experienced back benchers ponder a blocking move, it is fervently to be hoped that they have done with playing silly buggers over who does what in which order and grasped that they have an over riding duty to stop an unelected PM and his nefarious advisors drive Britain into a wilderness nobody wants, nobody voted for, and from which everyone but him and his feather bedded, rich chums in the ultras will suffer - perhaps for decades to come. John Bercow needs to come home from his hols for the same reason.

The latest game plan is to have a Queen's Speech 3 days before an EU summit with only  a couple of weeks until his self imposed  "deal or no deal" deadline. Then, rumour persistently has it, to perhaps call an election - presumably in the hope that Tory troops, fearful for their own future, will be dissuaded from putting any  spanners in the Brexit works.  The hasty bringing forward of the spending review gives further credence to this scenario - a chance to get in some quick pre election bribes before anyone has a chance to find out they're  actually going to be too broke to enact them.

This is not a time to count the angels dancing on top of a constitutional pinhead - whether the Fixed Term Parliament Act means the Queen should not have been  involved, whether a monstrous leap into the unknown should be progressed during what might be  period of purdah, whether it could ever be legitimate to bind a new government to the hasty acts of an outgoing one, not least with minimal parliamentary debate.  It is quite clear that Cummings and Co give not the smallest stuff for the constitutional niceties. 

The vote Leave team, now the PM's inhouse rotweillers, are hell bent on getting out of the EU no matter who suffers in the process. They have an ideological fixation which is immune to rational argument or parliamentary precedent. They are mad. Those folks who sold the country a pup on the grounds they wanted the UK to regain parliamentary sovreignty and control. Irony lives!

So we need grown ups in the room and we need them fast.  There are plenty of men and women who still qualify for the title Honourable Members. They too must cast aside precedent where necessary, and care little for party hierarchies.  Special dangers call for special people to come to the aid of their country.  There are still Tories - Dominic Grieve for an obvious example - who are sufficiently appalled by current events to cast aside personal consequences in the name of protecting democracy.  There are high profile Labour people - Keir Stammer for one, though there are many others - who have long recognised the shape and size of the crisis. They have to listen to their conscience and their brain and forget any nonsense about waiting till their party conference wrestles  some kind of doublespeak from its deliberations.

Of the Lib Dems I have fewer hopes.  In her brief spell in charge, Jo Swinson's interventions have been chiefly notable for their inconsistency,   The SNP and its leadership have stayed solid in both their opposition to Brexit and most especially to the no deal variety.  There are good people in there. There is adequate brain power. But is there the guts to jettison party loyalties in the name of national security and survival?  We have to hope so. Or we are quite literally hell bound in Boris' handcart.

We have to hope too that the Court of Session in Edinburgh can hasten towards an early judgement and issue an interdict forbidding the Johnson smash and grab.

These are not halcyon days for leadership however. Not anywhere.  An American President displays his almost incredible degree of ignorance about just about everything, whilst those leading his party in Congress seem incapable of doing their obvious duty.  The Brazilian President would rather burn the world's lung than accept help unless and until the French one aplogises for some suppposed slight.  Men, puffed up men, who fiddle around with protcol and personal vanity whilst our world goes up in flames.  It is nothing short of tragic. If you care about your children's future, rattle your MP's cage right now. Sign the petition indicating your dissent. Do whatever you can to shore up the roof before it falls in on us all.