As Donald J Trump's unsolicited sexual assaults date back these many decades, some of his earlier victims are no longer young. My goodness, some are looking to be almost as old as he is now in the next decade or so. But that doesn't stop this consummate self deluder from suggesting that they wouldn't make the cut as a bed mate - or gropee.  At no point does he consider that he would flunk the practical as babe magnet, and that it is risible to consider him as an object of female lust.  Donald is a loud mouthed, ignorant, pompous, fat septuagenarian with a permanent bad hair day.  But let's not get personal! Let's leave that to this serial liar, bankrupt, and tax dodger.

When two of his victims decided to tell the tale of his tawdry advances to the New York Times last week he quickly reached for his lawyers. Except that, not at all strangely, no actual paperwork resembling a suit has landed     at the NYT's inbox. The paper's lawyers, rather brilliantly noted that any such suit would have to prove that their stories had damaged his personal reputation, and that he had done a pretty good job on that front himself hitherto. Ouch!

Since then tales of his inability to keep his hands or much else to himself have come tumbling out into the public prints and news media. He would have you believe that they are all - ALL  - attention seeking liars whom he had neither met nor kissed, groped or propositioned. One of them was a woman who tried to sue him for attempted rape in the nineties only to find herself and her business assailed by the full weight of his money and power. That she felt able to go public again this last week, is testimony to how deeply his behaviour still rankles 20 years on.

Some people have queries as to why these women stayed quiet for so long - why they too didn't make a public complaint about being cornered in a variety of inappopriate ways and places by the self styled magnate. It's not that difficult to explain.  The women, whether employees, models, or contestants in one of his sponsored beauty pageants were all young, impotent women when he sought to impose himself and his will. He was the boss, he held the power, he had the means and the temperament to ruin them.

But there's something else about all this that women all over the world will recognise. Very few women will not be unfamiliar with the tactics he deployed.  Like many women in male dominated professions, I too as a young woman was pinned against a wall and groped by a male executive.  And all of my female colleagues could swap tales of being pawed, and grabbed, and sloppily kissed by half cut lotharios - usually married. That was how it was. That was how it was too in all these studios and radio and TV stations.

That is why  a procession of then male stars have found themselves retrospectively in the dock for treating women contestants, colleagues and teenage groupies as disposable fodder for their sexual fantasies. A part of me feels almost sorry for all those old guys in the dock - not the ones who abused children for which there is no possible excuse - but the men who routinely touched up the women around them because all the other men did.  And very few women had the guts to call them out on it.

And herein lies another problem with Trump and his ilk.  Women who get used and abused by powerful, egomaniac men, feel ashamed of what has transpired.  Somehow the culture in which the women operated makes  it possible for them to believe that they themselves were at fault. Not Mr Octopussy. And, even if not, it's a deeply embarrassing thing to consider making public. When I regaled one of my episodes to a colleague in the ladies loo she was dismissive: "Oh he does that to all the women."  So that's all right then.

I write this with 48 hours to go to the third and final Presidental debate. It would be the most consummate and welcome of ironies if Trump goes down in flames thanks to the testimony of all those women  he has treated with utter contempt. And, if he proves to have connived in the election of the first female to the White House.

And yes, I know we all wish that woman were Michelle Obama rather than Hillary Clinton. But the latter will probably be a one term president given her age.  She is comprehensively more qualified than the Trumpometer for the task. And, most importantly of all, that glass ceiling will be in many pieces.

And the Donald? - Is it too much to hope the ignominy of a massive defeat would send him scurrying to obscurity?

Sadly, yes. He will cry foul. He will continue to bask in the adoration of the hard of thinking. But happily, hopefully, all  women who henceforth cross his path will have his number.